Frequently Asked Questions




1Why would I need a custom or high quality branded watch?
For Customers, Employees and Members of Clubs and Organizations as corporate gift watch, anniversary gift watch, Christmas gift watch, sales incentive watch, trade incentive watch, watch for brand building and development, merchandising, awareness campaigns, product launch, long service award, performance award, birthdays, fund raising, club membership, affiliation watch, exhibition and trade show promotions, seminar and conference gift, participants gift, sports club membership, social events, souvenir watch, private label watch.
2Why must we submit high quality artwork and pantone numbers?
Submission of the best available artwork assures obtaining the best possible reproduction. Instructions and Pantoneâ color specifications must accompany all artwork. Photocopies are not considered artwork. Zest4Style reserves the right to decide what acceptable artwork is. If artwork requires touch-up or complete restoration, it may be subject to an art charge @ R250 per hour.
3What type of artwork format is preferred?
CWI strongly encourages electronic artwork. The following formats are accepted: JPG, Adobe Illustrator or compatible EPS format or Photoshop (CMYK separated). All fonts and/or placed images must either be included or have been converted to outlines. Scanned art must be at least 600DPI or better. Files must be submitted on CD or by E-mail or may be uploaded to Zest4Style’s FTP site.

If artwork is not up to specifications, Zest4Style reserves the right to refuse it. To avoid unnecessary delays please check with Zest4Style prior to submitting computer art.
4Why do I have to sign off the artwork?
Unless color-separated, camera ready artwork has been submitted, CWI will confirm all imprint layouts prior to production, with a T.O.F (technical order form). This T.O.F. will either be sent by e-mail or faxed. The T.O.F. must be signed off before production can commence.
5How does CWI imprint artwork?
CWI makes full use of the latest printing technologies to offer a variety of innovative customisation options. For a complete list, please refer to the Custom Options & Upgrades section on the website.
6What are costs for the different imprinting methods?
Please ask CWI for the respective charges, which vary depending on the imprint method. If no method is specified, CWI will decide which imprinting method will be used for the best possible reproduction and design effect on the item.
7Are all orders to CWI confirmed?
All orders are acknowledged in writing (with prices and estimated shipping dates) within 48 hours of receipt.
8What happens if I need to change or cancel an order?
CWI will start production on receipt of order and approval of artwork. Changes, including cancellations of orders, will be accepted during a period of 14 days starting from the day the order was signed and only with the understanding that CWI will be reimbursed for the processing or production costs incurred until this cancellation received. After 14 days staring from signature of the order, a cancellation is not possible.
9Does CWI supply samples?
Yes CWI does supply samples if necessary. We charge a deposit and watches can be returned within 14 days (of the date the sample was sent) for a full credit of this deposit excluding freight and courier costs. Samples are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of sample order and confirmation of payment for deposit.
10Does CWI do overruns?
We reserve the right to over- or under-ship up to 10% of the quantity ordered.
11How will my product be packaged?
All CWI watches come with packaging that varies depending on the watch category. An extensive selection of packaging options is shown on the CWI Website under Custom Option.
12How do I claim for items damaged in transit?
All claims resulting from transit damage or loss must be filed with the carrier by the consignee. While supplying all available information, legal responsibility passes from ZEST4STYLE to the customer when the goods are consigned to a carrier unless the goods are delivered by a representative of Z4S / CWI in which case Z4S / CWI take full responsibility.

For deliveries in Austria and South Africa all claims resulting from transit damage or loss must be filed with the carrier and with Z4S / CWI directly and Z4S / CWI take legal responsibility for such deliveries.
13What happens if someone else uses my company logo?
All copy and other material submitted by the customer for use by CWI in producing the item ordered therewith, will be accepted by us as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws of trademark, service mark, copy right, right of privacy, patent or similar protection.

The customer, by submitting such copy or other material, represents that the use thereof by Z4S / CWI on the items ordered will not violate any such laws and ZEST4STYLE hereby disclaims any and all liability for compliance with such laws in the use of the customer’s copy or other material. The customer hereby agrees to hold us harmless for any damages, costs or other expenses when they arise under all such laws as a consequence of our use of said copy or other material or operations undertaken by the agreement.
All logos shown on the ZEST4STYLE website are the respective property of the companies which they identify. Their use in this catalogue is strictly for demonstrative purposes as indications of imprint quality, size, positioning and colors available.
15Catalogue Validity
This webpage supersedes all previous web pages. All conditions, items and specifications in this webpage are subject to change without notice.
16What is ISO?
ISO Standards ensure desirable characteristics of customer service and products such as quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability - and at an economical cost. ISO 9001 (quality) is "generic management system standards". "Generic" means that the same standard can be applied to any organization, large or small, whatever its product or service, in any sector of activity, and whether it is a business enterprise, a public administration, or a government department. ISO 9001 contains a generic set of requirements for implementing a quality management system
17What is your company's BEE status?
Z4S is a level 4 contributor certified by Empowerdex.


1What is the imprint area for the artwork?
The entire visible dial is the imprint area on all watches. In some cases, the band and optional packaging can also be imprinted or otherwise customized.
2What is the standard warranty on my watch?
Most timepieces are covered by a ZEST4STYLE 24 months Warranty covering defects in material and workmanship under normal use. Bands and batteries and water damages are excluded.
3How long will it take for me to receive my order?
Standard production time for regular quantities of all items shown in the ZEST4STYLE catalog is 6-7 weeks. Rush delivery is available for certain models and depends on imprint method(s), quantity and season.
4What is your minimum order quantity?
Minimum quantities for most styles are 20 pieces. You cannot combine men’s and ladies for overall quantity. A less than minimum charge will apply and varies depending on the watch models purchased.
5How do I set the time/date on my watch?
Please refer to your user manual enclosed in the watch box.
6Where can I have my battery exchanged?
As your watches are equipped with brand quartz movements, the batteries can be exchanged in any watch shop or jewelers store which services watches. The watches may also be sent to us to exchange the battery – we will charge a fee for this service.