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February 27, 2015

CWI takes “custom made” to a new level.

Front custom made Stamp Watches

When CWI started over 20 years ago we decided to be different and offer real custom made/designed wrist watches. For us custom made does not only mean to print a company logo on a watch face but to really create a unique time piece for all of our clients. A time piece that sticks out, is noticeable, intriguing, exciting and is different.

For us there are two levels of custom made/designed:

A custom designed watch face reflecting our client’s image, corporate identity, logo or message. Essentially you can imagine the watch face is first as a round (or square, rectangular) thin metal plate with nothing on it. Or imagine a piece of paper and you draw a circle or square or rectangle with initially nothing inside. And here the design work starts by creating an artwork that turns the empty space into a unique watch face with time index, color, logo or picture all balanced to make a great impression. All of this we can do from orders of 25 or 50 pieces onwards (depending on the watch model) –this is truly unique.



Custom-Made-Bridgestone-Steering-Wheel-Watc1h But there is a second level of custom made/designed: not only to tailor make the watch face but to tool up and manufacture a watch case that complements the client’s corporate identity to the fullest. You can see here some examples, like the watch we created for the City of Johannesburg – not a logo dropped in a watch but a special watch case designed and manufactured around the logo. Or the quite controversial series of watches we created for AIDS awareness campaign (with specially manufactured hour and minutes hands in the shape of a penis and a condom and the red ribbon floating over the watch face instead of a second hand). Or the Steering Wheel Watch designed for Bridgestone Tire. Or the Stamp watch created especially for the post office with the watch case shaped like a stamp and a real stamp on the face.

Are there any limits for us when creating a brand new design? The answer is simple: NO! It will however require a higher minimum order quantity of between 300 to 500 pieces depending on the project.

So you have an ingenious, clever or crazy watch idea? Contact us