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CWI takes “custom made” to a new level.
February 27, 2015
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A wrist watch made out of Sandalwood? …maple, rosewood or maybe ebony.
February 27, 2015

Successful merchandise

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What does SKINNERS, a South-Africa based company, that pride itself on providing its customers with superbly hand-crafted leather goods and BMW the German luxury vehicle manufacturer have in common?

Both companies, as much as they differ, sell quality wrist watches carrying their brand,  manufactured by CWI.

As we all know the sale of BMW branded merchandise like a sporty chronograph wrist watch is not their main business however it is an important part of BMW brand building and support.

SKINNERS the young new fashion brand it is in fact very much part of their main business selling fashionable items like wrist watches with their striking crocodile straps. Check at .

Designing and Manufacturing of wrist watches as merchandise is one of the important parts of the business of CWI. As one can imagine the quality of a wrist watch is always important but even more so if it is used as merchandise, as it is bought by an individual client who expects to receive a faultless product.

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So if you are a corporate company looking for new items as merchandise, for example you have your own fashion label or your own brand of quality goods or accessories or if you are a hotel and build your brand or are a spots club and want to raise funds or start a political party or you want to expand your range of whatever you sell or do something completely different and offer a new product under your brand then we would love to discuss with you some cool, striking, elegant wrist watch designs.

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